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About Me

Who I am

"I'm a content creator and a business strategist. I bring ideas, people and resources together to get things done."

Having been born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York, it is natural for me to excel in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with deadlines and unexpected challenges. Bringing together diverse people with unique skill sets that compliment each other comes as second nature. I've done it my entire professional career, within the largest corporations and as an entrepreneur.

My Background

My experiences in banking, sales, technology and consulting allow me to build client relationships in a unique and positive way - identifying objectives, formulating strategy, utilizing resources, managing projects and most importantly - delivering tangible results.

I utilize current and emerging technologies to tackle real-world business challenges. If you are looking to partner with someone who will give you an honest assessment of a situation, provide a tactical analysis that will bridge into a workable strategy and deliver within a framework of honesty and integrity, look no further.

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What clients have said

Let's Engage

"Diversity of talent, backgrounds and expertise is our greatest strength. Let's utilize them to our advantage."


I bring a well-rounded background with a proven track-record and access to talented professionals that span multiple disciplines. Our team will deliver for you whether you strive to develop a brand for your business (or re-brand it), utilize new media and social media to your advantage, increase sales, reduce costs and improve overall business efficiency.


"Have an open mind. Never be afraid to try new things. Let's work together to deliver whatever you need to accomplish in new and exciting ways."


You are a small business owner, a sole-proprietor or the head of a division of a major corporation. You need to put together a successful project that will promote a new product, service or technology. You have a need to get the most "bang for your buck" and the most effective exposure, within your budget. You are open to fresh ideas and concepts.


"We are more powerful pulling together in the same direction, adding on to our strengths than fighting the battle individually."


Developing a memorable, creative and effective campaign or event that promoted your product, service or technology. We utilized current and emerging technologies, and deployed human resources in an efficient, targeted and tangible manner.


"Reach out and contact me, I'm ready to deploy my resources."


Use one of the methods to the right to contact me and my team. We will actively listen to you and your representatives, to define your requirements, constraints, budget and schedule. We will create a proposal, formulate a strategy and deploy our resources to go to work for you.


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P.O. Box 832213 Atlanta, GA 30083

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